Lone Star Tactical Supply

Lone Star Tactical Supply is a veteran owned business, founded by shooters, for shooters. We focus on first responder sales, sales to order, transfers, LTC classes, and more.

Sig Sauer's modular, striker fired P320. This pistol is available in four sizes; sub-compact, compact, carry, and full. It has been adopted by departments and agencies around the country and is the winner of several US Gov contracts.

In stock - take home today

  • Compact, 9mm, black, Contrast Sights, W320C-9-B, Officer price $435.
  • Compact, 9mm, black, SIGLITE night sights, W320C-9-BSS, Officer price $495.
  • Compact, 9mm, black, Tall SIGLITE night sights, Threaded Barrel, W320C-9-BSS-TB, Officer price $545.
  • Carry Size, 9mm, black, constrast sights, W320CA-9-B, Officer price $435.
  • Carry Size, 9mm, FDE, SIGLITE night sights, W320CA-9-FDE, Officer price $495.
  • Carry Size TACOPS, 9mm, (4) 21rd mags, threaded barrel, 320CA-9-TACOPS-TB, Officer price $605.
  • Full Size, 9mm, black, contrast sights, W320F-9-B, Officer price $435.
  • Full Size, 9mm, black, SIGLITE night sights, W320F-9-BSS, Officer price $495.
  • Full Size, .45 cal, black, contrast sights, W320F-45-B, Officer price $425.
  • Full Size X5 - 320X5-9-BAS - only 2 remaining at first responder price.

Extra capacity, 21 round, 9mm magazines (MAG-MOD-F-9-21) for the P320 are back in stock, price $47.50.

Sig Sauer LEGIONs in the 229, 226, and 220 (avail late-2017) platforms are available for order. These amazing firearms come with Legion Gray PVD Finish on Slide and Frame, XRay3 sights, G10 grips, and many more tweaks and refinements. Individual Officer Purchase (IOP) price - $1,039.

Flat-Faced Action Enhancement Triggers from Apex, for the Sig Sauer P320, are back in stock. These triggers fit all sizes and calibers of the 320 series. Price is $45 including installation by a Sig Sauer P320 Certified Armorer.  Pictured - standard trigger (inset) versus the Apex trigger.

Walther PPQ M2s in 9mm and 45 cal are currently available for order. These LE guns come with 3 magazines. The PPQ has enhanced ergonomics and a world class trigger, The Mark 2 version of the PPQ has a US style button magazine release.